Nordic COVID-19 research for DKK 2.5 billion

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Research programmes on COVID-19 for a total of DKK 2.5 billion were funded in the Nordic countries in 2020 and 2021.

NordForsk – a research organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers – has mapped research initiatives in the Nordic countries during the epidemic. In total the funding granted or committed in Sweden makes up 47% out of the DKK 2.5 billion. Finland granted 19%, Denmark 16%, Norway 16%, Iceland 0.2% and the Faroe Islands 0.1%.

Funding of research within medical and health sciences makes up 58% of the total funding. The research within social sciences makes up 23% of the funding,

In the Faroe Islands, the funding is divided between medical and health sciences with 56% and social sciences with 44%.

There has been one COVID-19 specific call in the Faroe Islands. The Research Council Faroe Islands issued an open call in April 2020 with a total budget of DKK 3 million. 1 million was from the Research Council and 2 million were donations from private companies in the Faroe Islands. 14 projects were funded.

In addition to these projects, some other projects have been funded by private companies. One project was funded by the Health Insurance Fund.

In the regular call for applications from the Research Council, which closed on 15 February 2021, there were no applications on COVID-19 specific issues.

The report from NordForsk on COVID-19 research can be seen here.