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Faroe Islands
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There are several practical issues and formalities that have to be considered and dealt with when planning to move to the Faroe Islands.


Getting here


The Faroe Islands have good connections to mainland Europe by air and by sea.

There is a direct ferry link to Hirtshals (Denmark) and Seyðisfjørður (Iceland) throughout the year. The ferry has one weekly departure to Denmark in the low and mid season and two weekly departures in the high season. It has one weekly departure to Iceland all year.

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All Non Nordic citizens residing in the Faroe Islands and Nordic citizens staying for more than 6 months must register at their local municipality.



Removal goods


Removal goods can be sent to the Faroe Islands as freight by sea or by air. 

It is important to insure removal goods. Removal companies normally have limited responsibility and most household contents insurances and travel insurances do not cover removal goods.

A removal insurance can be obtained through the removal company.





Dogs and cats can only be brought to the Faroe Islands if the owner is living in or moving to the Faroe Islands. Pets are not permitted for stays shorter than 3 months or to transit through the Faroe Islands to another country.





One motor vehicle can be imported to the Faroe Islands as removal goods exempt from tax and duty when moving to the Faroe Islands.

A vehicle imported as removal goods exempt from tax and duty must be intended solely for the owner’s personal use. If the vehicle changes owner within 1 year after the day of import, it will be subject to tax and duty according to the general import rules.


A vehicle imported as removal goods must be registered with the Faroese Vehicle Administration, Akstovan, within the first two weeks after arriving in the Faroe Islands.

Before being registered the car must be inspected by the Faroese Vehicle Administration.

The owner of the car must pay a registration fee and take out an insurance before the vehicle gets a license plate.


The insurance must cover damages to the property of others. Insurance covering loss or damage to your own car is optional.

There are two insurance companies in the Faroe Islands: Betri Trygging (in Faroese) and Trygd (in Faroese)


All motor vehicles registered in the Faroe Islands must pay a tax based on weight and type of usage and fuel twice a year.

Short term stay

A vehicle registered abroad can be used without registering in the Faroe Islands if the owner is planning to stay for less than one year.

The vehicle may not be used by anyone residing in the Faroe Islands or for any commercial carriage.


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