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The official language in the Faroe Islands is Faroese. Faroese derives from Old Norse and is closely related to Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

Danish is the second language in the Faroe Islands and practically everyone can speak and write Danish. Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish are understood and spoken by many Faroese, and most people are capable of communicating in English too.

It is possible to carry out research work and give lessons to bachelor students in the Faroe Islands without acquiring knowledge of Faroese. However, Faroese is the working language at all research institutions, and learning Faroese will help you to integrate more easily professionally and privately.


Several self study courses in Faroese are available online and in textbooks.


Faroese Online

Faroese Online is a course in Faroese language for beginners free of charge. The course includes a series of different types of interactive, visual and audio exercises which enables foreigners to learn Faroese for everyday life in a fun and easy way.

CEFR courses will be available soon for Faroese Online.These are sequenced course with increased difficulty levels each building on the course before.

The courses are learner centered with interactive visual and listening exercises organized around themes relevant to life the Faroe Islands. The courses are supported by glossaries, grammars and dictionaries.


Language Course for beginners

The Faroese publishing firm Stiðin has developed a language course presented in English, “Faroese – A Language Course for beginners”, consisting of a textbook, a CD and a grammar book. The material can be purchased in bookshops. The audio material is freely available.



An online encyclopedia with interactive pictures and audio material that can translate between Faroese and a number of other languages is available.