Recognition of qualifications

Working in Europe | Recognition of diplomas | Faroe Islands

As countries have different education and qualifications systems, an assesment of the qualifications of a foreign job applicant in relation to those of the Faroese educational system may be required.

Recognition of foreign diplomas, degrees and other qualifications in the Faroe Islands will in most cases be similar to recognition of qualifications in Denmark.

Information on recognition of qualifications in Denmark is available here:

Ministry of Higher Education and Science  

Danish ENIC/NARIC Networks  

For some positions a Faroese or Danish authorisation is needed. For example foreign trained doctors and other health personnel must be authorised by the Danish National Board of Health.

Recognition of academic qualifications may also be required if you are applying for admission to higher education, including Ph.D. programmes. Information on recognition of education qualifications for study programmes can be provided here.

The International Office