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Intellectual Property Rights


According to Faroese law the copyright of a scientific work belongs to its creator. The scientist has the exclusive right to the creative and technical expression of his work and it is prohibited to reproduce text from the work without mentioning the source.

The copyright protects only the exact expression of the work. Ideas, principles and conclusions can freely be used by others.

The copyright is generated by the creation of the work itself and needs no special registration.

Inventions, company labels and industrial designs can be protected by intellectual property right. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office can provide a patent or a utility model which gives the creator a right for a limited time to exclude others from producing, using or selling the inventions without permission.

Patents and utility models are basically territorial rights and therefore limited to the countries for which the protection is granted. After a novelty search and patentability examination performed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, it is possible for the applicant to proceed with the patent application internationally.

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