Culture and Society

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The Faroe Islands are a modern society with a high standard of living and the Faroese have a strong sense of local identity and social cohesion.

The culture of the Faroe Islands has its roots in the Nordic culture. The islands were long isolated from the main cultural movements in Europe and have maintained a large part of their traditional culture. At the same time the Faroese live a modern European life with cultural events, new technology and a well developed infrastructure.

The Faroese are well-educated. Many Faroese study and work abroad in a wide range of fields. The mobility and flexibility of the Faroese people maintains a broad international perspective.


The Faroe Islands have a rich and thriving contemporary culture. Traditional culture lives along with modern cultural events, and all kinds of sports and music activities are very popular.

The pleasure derived from music is immense in the Faroe Islands. Almost every occasion is an opportunity to sing and play.

Chain dance

The Faroese chain dance with epic ballads about heroes and legends was popular in many European countries in the Middle Ages but has survived only in the Faroe Islands. Here it is still a prominent part of the Faroese cultural and musical life and is refered to as Faroese dance.


Also singing in choir is very popular. There are several excellent choirs around the islands for male, female and mixed voices.

Music schools

Music schools are very popular, and many children are learning to play a variety of musical instruments. There are 13 music schools located around the islands.

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