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Faroe Islands
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Health care


Everyone with a Faroese ID number has access to services from the Faroese health care system.


Health insurance


Health care services are financed by the government and by mandatory contributions from all residents through the National Health Insurance.

Citizens of the Nordic countries and Great Britain are covered under their respective public health plans while staying in the Faroe Islands on a short time basis.

Residents of other countries need to acquire their own traveller’s health insurance before travelling to the Faroe Islands.

The health insurance regulation for EU countries does not apply to the Faroe Islands.



Medical care


All residents in the Faroe Islands have equal access to health services.

Medicine is sold at pharmacies. Some medicines are freely available to buy and for others a prescription from a doctor is needed. The National Health Insurance provides benefits for some medicines.

Pharmacies are located in Tórshavn, Klaksvík, Tvøroyri and Runavík. Furthermore, there are approximately 30 pharmacy outlets throughout the islands.

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Patient associations




All COVID-19 restrictions in the Faroe Islands have now been lifted. This means that it is no longer recommended to get tested for Corona and/or to quarantine.

The Health Authority recommends that everyone aged 50 and over and selected persons aged under 50 who are at higher risk of becoming severely ill from COVID-19 receive a booster vaccination.