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The Faroe Islands are considered to be a family-friendly society with a safe and peaceful environment and generous child and parental benefits and child care provision.


The education system in the Faroe Islands is made up of three main levels: elementary school, secondary school, and higher education.

Education is compulsory for at least 9 years, normally beginning at the age of 7.

Faroese is the language of education in all Faroese schools. Children who do not have Faroese as their first language may be entitled to additional lessons in Faroese.

All education in the Faroe Islands is free of charge.

Higher education is offered at the University of the Faroe Islands. The university has five faculties and offers a number of degree programmes.

Bachelor degrees are awarded after three years of study. Master degrees build on bachelor level qualifications and are awarded after two years of study. Ph.D. is a three-year research degree awarded after the defence of a doctoral thesis after three years of study.

Vocational academic education is offered at the Business College.