Living in Europe | Day care, schooling & family related issues | Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are considered to be a family-friendly society with a safe and peaceful environment and generous child and parental benefits and child care provision.


Health services during pregnancy and childbirth and health services for children up to the end of school age (16-17 years) are free of charge.

Children’s nurses examine the children in their home regularly up to the age of 18 months. If the child or the family has special needs, the nurse´s home visits can continue up to school age.

Foreigners moving to the Faroe Islands with small children must contact the children´s nurse in order to receive home visits.

General Practitioners provide medical checks up to the age of 5 and vaccinations according to a vaccination programme.

School nurses provide regular medical checks and personal interviews as well as parental guidance and information.


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