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Finding suitable accommodation in the Faroe Islands can be difficult. It is advisable to start searching for housing as soon as plans for a research stay have become definite.


Rented flats


The Faroese rental market is quite limited. Apartments for rent are normally part of a family’s home set aside for a tenant.



Buying property


Buying and selling property is mostly handled by real estate agents and lawyers. The two main real estate agents operating in the Faroe Islands are Skyn (in Faroese) and Betri Heim (in Faroese).

The Faroese banks provide financing for houses and apartments. 35 per cent of the interest paid on mortgage loans for houses inhabited by the owner is refunded by the government.

An average house in Tórshavn costs around DKK 3,200,000. Houses outside Tórshavn are considerably less expensive.




Short term accommodation


A variety of hotels, guesthouses and rented flats and houses are available for short-term accommodation:

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