Pension rights

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When retiring from employment or being unable to work due to disability, pension is available from several sources under certain circumstances.


Danish citizens who have lived in the Danish Kingdom for at least 3 years from the age of 15 are entitled to a national disability pension if their work capacity is permanently reduced by at least a half.This also applies for foreign citizens who or are married to a Danish citizen.

Nordic citizens have the right to disability pension in the Faroe Islands under the same conditions as Danish citizens.

In order to obtain a full disability pension in the Faroe Islands, the individual must have resided in the Danish Kingdom for at least 4/5 of the time after the age of 15. If the period of residence is shorter, the pension is calculated in proportion to the time of residence.

Disability pension can only be granted if there is no suitable work available and it is not possible to improve the working capacity through work-improving measures.

Disability pension can be granted at three different levels depending on loss of capacity for work.


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