New Book on Blasphemy



Heini í Skorini, Assistant Professor in International Relations at the University of Faroe Islands, is one of the authors of a new book analyzing the concept of blasphemy in various periods, countries and religious traditions. 

The book examines both historical developments and contemporary expressions of blasphemy across the world. In a globalised world where people of different faiths interact more than ever before and world-views are an increasingly important part of identity politics, religious boundaries are a source of controversy. The book looks at how religious and political authorities use ideas about blasphemy as a means of control.

The book goes beyond many others in this field by widening its scope beyond the legal aspects of freedom of expression. The chapters in the book focus on real-life situations and utilise case studies from Europe, the Middle East and Asia that encompass a wide variety of faith traditions.

The book is a result of a cross-disciplinary research co-operation at Oslo University which includes researchers from Europe, the Middle East, Asia og North America.

The book can be seen here.