Grants for 10 New Research Projects

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Tags: 2021

Ten research projects have been granted at total of 7.5 MDKK from the Faroese Research Foundation this year. Half the funding has been given to PhD projects.

The Research Council received 34 applications in total, applying for 31 MDKK, at the annual deadline in February.

The projects receiving the highest grants were:

Sandra Saxov Lamhauge received 1.1 MDKK  for a PhD project at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature, University of the Faroe Islands, with the title: A Sociophonetic Study on Preaspiration and Sonorant Devoicing in Faroese - an Understudied Subject in an Understudied Language

Rakul Maria Johannesen received 1 MDKK for a PhD project at the Faroese Geological Survey and Oslo University  with the title: TINNA – The Geological Way to Reach the Net-Zero Emission

Inga Kristiansen received 1 MDKK for a Postdoc project at the Faroese Marine Research Institute with the title: Linking Three Decades of Cross-Sectional Zooplankton Observations to Oceanographic Changes around the Faroe Plateau