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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Join Horizon Europe


Faroese researchers, innovators and research entities can now participate in the Horizon Europe programme on equal terms with entities from the EU Member States.

An association agreement on the participation of the Faroe Islands in the Horizon Europe programme was signed in Brussels on May 24th. The signature ceremony took place in the premises of the Council of the European Union. Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Mr Jenis av Rana, Faroese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture, joined the ceremony remotely, while Ms. Joanna Drake, the Deputy Director-General of the Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, signed the agreement with Ms Elin Mortensen, Head of Mission of the Faroes to the EU and Mr Fabrice Dubreuil, Deputy Permanent Representative of France.

The EU-Faroese collaboration in research and innovation dates back to 2010 when the Faroe Islands first associated to the EU’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP7). The Faroese participation level in Horizon 2020 increased by a clear margin compared with FP7, with a very high overall success rate of 20 percent.

Image: European Union (c)