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Faroe Islands

Doctoral Training Principles

Doctoral Training Principles


Applicants must have an academic degree equivalent to a master´s degree in the intended field of study.

PhD positions are usually offered as paid positions by universities, research institutes or external funding bodies. Candidates offered a PhD position will not pay fees and will receive a monthly salary.

Other PhD applicants may be required to have funding for the entire programme period.

Faroese PhD programmes are mainly research based. Theoretical studies in the form of small courses or seminars are also an important component. Programmes usually consist of three years of full-time study ending with a dissertation.

All PhD students receive individual tutoring and theses are publicly defended.

Admission to Faroese PhD programmes is managed by the University of the Faroe Islands. It is also possible to do a PhD at a Faroese research institute or private company in cooperation with the University of the Faroe Islands or a foreign university.