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EURAXESS Faroe Islands

We provide information and assistance for mobile researchers – by means of this portal and with the support of our EURAXESS Centres.

The portal contains information concerning professional and daily life as well as information on job and funding opportunities in the Faroe Islands.

Faroese researchers planning to continue their research career abroad can also find useful information and assistance in this portal and in the portals of the countries they consider moving to.

Research institutes, universities and businesses can post job offers and researchers can upload CV´s when registering a user account.

All services of the EURAXESS network are free of charge.


EURAXESS Faroe Islands Network

EURAXESS Centres and Contact Points will help you to plan your relocation and sort out different aspects of your new life in the Faroe Islands.


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All Covid-19 restrictions in the Faroe Islands have been lifted. This means that it is no longer recommended to get tested for Corona and/or to quarantine.

Read more on Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands on corona.fo.




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