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There are several practical issues and formalities that have to be considered and dealt with when planning to move to the Faroe Islands.


Dogs and cats can only be brought to the Faroe Islands if the owner is living in or moving to the Faroe Islands. Pets are not permitted for stays shorter than 3 months or to transit through the Faroe Islands to another country.

As a general rule, it is prohibited to import exotic and dangerous animals to the Faroe Islands. Fighting dogs and other dogs with aggressive behavior are not permitted.

Dogs and cats must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate stating that the dog or cat is healthy, has all the required vaccinations and has been treated against parasites. The veterinary certificate must not be issued earlier than 48 hours before the beginning of the journey to the Faroe Islands and must be signed by an authorized veterinarian and a veterinary inspector of the country of origin.

Application for a veterinary certificate for importing dogs or cats to the Faroe Islands can be found here:

Veterinary Certificate for a dog

Veterinary Certificate for a cat

The Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority supervises the importation of animals to the Faroe Islands. The agency can refuse import of an animal if the disease situation in the country of origin is insecure, or if the veterinary certificate is lacking or incomplete.

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