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Health care in the Faroe Islands is primarily public and financed through tax revenue and contribution to the National Health Service. A patient´s charge is paid for prescribed medicines, dental treatment and some specialized treatments.


Citizens of the Nordic countries and Great Britain have the right to health care on the same terms as Faroese citizens if they become ill or injured while staying temporarily in the Faroe Islands.


Residents of other countries will need to acquire their own traveler's health insurance while staying on a short term basis in the Faroe Islands.


The health insurance regulation for EU countries does not apply to the Faroe Islands.


Pregnant women have the right to free childbirth assistance at Faroese hospitals irrespective of their nationality.

All individuals residing in the Faroe Islands who have a Faroese ID-number are members of the National Health Insurance.


All residents from the age of 18 pay a monthly fee to the National Health Service. The fee is DKK 175 + 0.60 percent of the tax due income. The fee is deducted automatically from the income by the Tax Authority.


The National Health Insurance covers general and specialized medical treatment and gives supplement to prescribed medicines, dental treatment and other specialized treatment, e.g. physiotherapy and psychotherapy.


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National Health Insurance (in Faroese)

Faroese employers are obliged to insure all employees against the consequences of employment injury or disease. The employee or his or her next of kin are entitled to compensation in case of injury, disease or death in connection with carrying out work.


Employees who have a Faroese retirement pension normally also have a further insurance against consequences of disability, serious disease and death.